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Fresh & Pure

Farm Fresh Cow's Milk is our honest attempt to serve nutritious, chemical-free and preservative-free milk.

100% Organic

Farm Fresh Cow's Milk is our honest attempt to serve nutritious, chemical-free and preservative-free milk.

100% Natural

100% pure aims to create world’s most pure milk, our natural milk is chemical free and produced by a living organism.

Free Shipping

our incredible product and free shipping guarantee your quality experience and make your shop easier on every order.

Online organic products and A2 cow milk in Bangalore

Relish the best A2 cow milk and organic food products online in Bangalore to have a healthy lifestyle. Svasth Life is committed to serving the organic products to every health-conscious individual. The fresh milk is procured from forest-grazed desi cows and is delivered directly from farm to your family.

How Svasth Life Works


Our tagline speaks of fresh cow milk, which is directly procured from the farms and delivered to the families. With zero preservatives and zero added flavours, we serve fresh milk at your doorstep. Taste the freshness in milk products!

Selected Villages for Milk Collection

To start with, we have taken a few villages under our shelter for collecting fresh organic south indian cow milk .

Delivered to your doorsteps in Eco-Friendly glass bottles

Quality checked fresh cow milk is delivered at Rs.84/ a litre and Rs.43/ for half a litre.

Tested for Impurities

The fresh milk which is collected from the farm is tested for any kind of impurity and the quality is ensured.

Government insured cows

The milk is collected from cows which are insured by the Government ensuring safety.

Hygienic Environment, fresh milk

Ensuring a safe and hygienic environment within the farms for delivering pure, healthy milk

Terms & Conditions

We request you to make prompt prepaid payments as the local farmers are dependent on us for their daily wages. Hence timely payments will lead to a happy living for all of us.
Note : Since Svasthlife is a prepaid service, failure in payment (within 4 days to avoid pending payments calls & SMS) results in stoppage of milk delivery.
Have a Svasth life.

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Delivery Process


Now, savour the fresh cow milk from Svasthlife. We provide fresh milk with zero preservatives as it is collected and delivered on a daily basis. Say yes to ‘ready to be delivered’ Svasth Milk. Paid sample is available for 2 days only.
We Deliver in both morning and evening.


5:00 to 5:30
Fresh Milk collection from farm
6:30 to 7:00
From farm to factory
7:00 to 7:15
Hygiene and Purity checking
7:15 to 7:45
Transferred to the Glass Bottles
8:00 to 10:00
Delivered to the homes

Our Products

We serve farm fresh organic products which are healthy and rich in nutrients.
Wholesome products that you deserve!

Delivery Locations