Online organic products and A2 cow milk in Bangalore

Relish the best A2 cow milk and organic food products online in Bangalore to have a healthy lifestyle. Svasth Life is committed to serving the organic products to every health-conscious individual. The fresh milk is procured from forest-grazed desi cows and is delivered directly from farm to your family.

How Svasth Life Works


Our tagline speaks of fresh cow milk, which is directly procured from the farms and delivered to the families. With zero preservatives and zero added flavours, we serve fresh milk at your doorstep. Taste the freshness in milk products

Selected Villages for Milk Collection

To start with, we have taken a few villages under our shelter for collecting fresh organic south indian cow milk.

Government insured cows

The milk is collected from cows which are insured by the Government ensuring safety.

Delivered to your doorsteps in Eco-Friendly glass bottles

Quality checked fresh cow milk is delivered at Rs.84/ a litre and Rs.43/ for half a litre.

Hygienic Environment, fresh milk

Ensuring a safe and hygienic environment within the farms for delivering pure, healthy milk.

Tested for Impurities

The fresh milk which is collected from the farm is tested for any kind of impurity and the quality is ensured.

Live Svasth, Stay Healthy!

Located in the beautiful suburb of Bangalore, at the KAS officers colony, BTM 2nd Stage, we are a group, whose sole purpose is to bring a healthy and a happy life. With our fast and safe home delivery of dairy products within the city, we were able to draw up an end to the difficulty in getting pure, fresh cow milk. We, Svasth Life, weaves an impact on the ordinary people and follows the traditional methods in procuring fresh cow milk. Now, isn’t that exciting and rare to be found of? Stay with Svasth Life, get introduced to a healthier life with us.

Svasth Life – That’s how we roll

Health matters and staying healthy matters even more. Milk, being the primary source of proteins and nutrients plays a vital role in maintaining good health and reviving a good spirit within. We, Svasth Life here clear the way for A2 milk market in the suburbs of Bangalore and delivers Fresh cow milk within 4 hours of production. The market is marred with the adulterated milk and milk products. It’s time for you to differentiate between the qualities of available milk products and to choose the best. We are here to supply you with the nutrient enriched Desi Cow milk or A2 milk which is an essential diet in the kid’s growth pattern as well as the functional health patterns. If you want to give it a try, just click or call by and we will deliver you the best to stay healthy. Our online milk delivery in Bangalore facilitates the pure milk procured from the dairy farms directly to be delivered to the homes with zero delivery charges. With a mindset of returning to the traditional ways of procuring milk, we are here to lead you towards a healthier, safer life.

Build a Svasth Life, with us. Stay Happy, stay healthy!

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