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About Svasth Life

Our body as such contains 7 Chakras, these chakras synchronize with each other in the human body. In order to attain balance amongst these Chakras, it is important that we reach out and absorb the right balance in the form of Aahar or Food. As we get deeper into the subject we understand that it is in fact important to imbibe "Sattvic" in our system. A fantastic understanding like this inspired us to launch the Sattvic Diet, which gives us a reason to live the purest form of human nature. An idea that was seeded which gave rise to Svasth and the idea of "Svasth Life".

At Svasth Life, we follow a Sattvic diet where our daily routine consists of foods, whole grains, dairy products which are non-adulterated and are in the purest form. The byproduct of the thought, which led to delivering A2 Milk in Bangalore as well as Curd, Ghee and other form of dairy products. As of now, we home-deliver all dairy products daily to different suburbs and provide online milk delivery services in Bangalore, the products are directly procured from our farmers.

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