How To Get Apple Music Free Jailbreak?

How to Get Free Apple Music on Your Computer

  1. Go to Safari on your iPhone and type in:
  2. Then press Enter.
  3. Enter the email address connected with the Apple ID you use for your device. Select the Apple Music length and then click on’Add Free Apple Music’to complete the process.
  4. You are needed to install two sponsored applications on your iPhone in order to gain free access to the Apple Music streaming service
  5. In exchange, the advertisers will pay for your subscription to Apple Music.
  6. You should get two different applications on your iPhone and run them. You have to complete a task in order to unlock the sponsored app before you can use Apple Music for free for the rest of your life

How can I listen to Apple Music without cracking it?

There’s no need to hack Apple Music on your end. You may sync Apple Music downloads from your PC to your mobile devices without having to transfer them first. Following that, you will be able to listen to Apple Music on your iOS and Android handsets for free. The first step is to connect your Android or iOS smartphone to your computer, either by a USB cable or through a WiFi network.

How to jailbreak an iPhone?

The next step is to access the Settings menu on your iPhone. You may access your Apple ID by going to General > Device Management and tapping on it there. Select the option to ″Trust Unc0ver″ from the drop-down menu. Now, launch the unc0ver app and select the Jailbreak option from the menu. What Are the Consequences of Jailbreaking an iPhone?

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