How To Make Pheromone Traps For Fruit Flies?

Hang pheromones traps on orchard fruit trees about 4 m above the groundThree traps with three different types of pheromones are put 30 m apart in the orchard Add an insecticide such as malathion (pellets or granules) to the trap together with the pheromone. Do not use dichlorphos insecticides pellets because they are very toxic to people

How do you make homemade pheromone traps?

Make 10 to 12 holes into an old 1 liter plastic bottle or 3 holes on each side of 1 liter ice cream container, to allow flies to enter. Heat a small piece of metal to make the holes easily. Put a wire from the cover to suspend the bait. Secure the pheromone dispenser aligns with the entrance holes inside the trap.

How do you trap fruit flies with pheromones?

Put bait in the pheromone dispenser or suspend the pheromone capsule from the lid using string or wire. Close the container. Attach the trap to a bamboo or wooden stake or hang on branch of a tree. Place traps for different pests at least 3 meters apart.

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How do you make methyl eugenol?

The preparation method of the methyl eugenol comprises the following steps: a, adding right amount of sodium hydroxide solution into a reaction kettle, and dripping right amount of eugenol under a stirring condition; b, keeping stirring, controlling the reaction temperature to be 20 to 30 DEG C, slowly dripping excess

What is the best fruit fly attractant?

Apple Cider Vinegar and Dish Soap Trap Fill a small bowl with apple cider vinegar and 2 drops liquid dish soap. Mix well and leave on the counter (away from pets). Fruit flies will be drawn to the bowl and meet their demise.

How do you control melon fruit flies?

The melon fruit fly can successfully be managed over a local area by bagging fruits, field sanitation, protein baits, cue-lure traps, growing fruit fly-resistant genotypes, augmentation of biocontrol agents, and soft insecticides.

What is used in the pheromone trap?

A pheromone trap is a type of insect trap that uses pheromones to lure insects. A pheromone-impregnated lure, as the red rubber septa in the picture, is encased in a conventional trap such as a bottle trap, Delta trap, water-pan trap, or funnel trap.

How do you control fruit flies?

How do you get rid of fruit flies?

  1. Clean all surfaces.
  2. Throw out too-ripe or rotting produce.
  3. Use apple cider vinegar.
  4. Mix apple cider vinegar and dish soap.
  5. Try beer or wine.
  6. Try a chemical fruit-fly spray.

How do you attract male fruit flies?

A “pheromone trap” is a good and safe way to reduce the number of fruit flies. This method uses a pheromone or parapheromone to attract the male fruit flies into a trap where they are killed. Even though only the male flies are killed, this makes it more difficult for the females to find a mate to make more maggots.

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How do you make a Melon Fly Trap?

To adopt this method, we need to drill a small hole in the centre of a bottle cap and thread it with iron wire to make a small hook for hanging the tube. With food bait composed of pumpkin juice, peptone, honey and cooking oil, the trapping system can also lure and kill both female and male melon flies.

Is methyl eugenol a carcinogen?

Methyl eugenol is recognized as a carcinogen under California’s Proposition 65 law; however, the cancer risk associated with the inhalation of methyl eugenol vapor from its use in bait traps is expected to be negligible due to the low exposure.

What pesticide kills fruit flies?

Fruit Fly Control – Insecticide Aerosols. ( Pyrethrin spray ) can be used as a quick kill; reducing populations of flying insects. Use a pyrethrin space spray such as Stryker 54, CB 80 Pyrethrin Aerosol, or PT 565. You can use pyrethrins in an automatic dispenser that dispenses every 15 minutes..

Can’t figure out where fruit flies are coming from?

Look for a site with food ooze, goo, gunk, crud, or scum and you’ll likely find the source of your fruit flies! (1) Over-ripe or fermenting fruits and vegetables – Check vegetable storage bins and fruit bowls for fruits or vegetables that are too soft or rotting. Look underneath plastic trash can liners.

What do fruit flies hate?

Fruit flies hate several rather nice smelling natural scents, including peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and clove.

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