Quick Answer: How To Decorate Fruit Cake?

Arrange the fruit in bands or ringson your cake, or in a repeating pattern that will result in individually decorated slices when you cut the cake. Usually it’s best to place larger, easily sliced fruits first, then use small, vividly colored fruit and berries in between as visual punctuation.

How do you decorate a fruitcake?

Decorate fruitcake with candied fruit and nuts. Brush on a clear glaze and allow to dry for a shiny, natural-looking top. Brush fruitcake with glaze and top with almond paste. Use glaze and almond paste as above and cover with frosting.

Can you ice a fruit cake without marzipan?

Can you ice a Christmas cake without using marzipan? Yes. If you paint the cake with apricot jam, you can use a fondant icing and just fix it on with the jam.

What do you cover fruit cake with?

If you need to keep it longer, you’ll need to stick with (pun intended) marzipan or almond icing. But, if you’re covering your fruit cake on a shorter cake decorating timeline, then you can ganache the cake just as you would any other flavoured cake.

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How can I decorate my fruit cake without marzipan?

You can use a layer of fondant icing instead of marzipan if you wish. Royal icing is sold in white, but is easy to colour at home using gels (liquids can change the texture).

What do you put between marzipan and icing?

Whether rolled or poured, fondant looks best if you’ve covered your cake with either a marzipan or buttercream layer. For a marzipan layer, spread a thin layer of jam to help the marzipan stick to the cake. Apricot jam is often used for Christmas cakes, but you can use any flavour you like.

Can you put royal icing straight onto a cake?

-Place the cake on a cake turntable (if you have one) and place a scoop of icing on top of the cake. -Spread an even layer of royal icing around the sides of the cake. You need to work swiftly as the icing will dry in contact with the air after a few minutes, but don’t rush.

When should I marzipan my Christmas cake?

The traditional coat of almond icing (marzipan) should be put on the cake a week before you want to ice it, to allow its oiliness to dry out. Cover the marzipan surface with a clean tea cloth and store out of the tin or container. Icing is best left to the last few days – in my case often until Christmas Eve.

What alcohol is best for fruit cake?

Alcohol: medium sherry, dark rum, whisky, brandy or orange-flavoured liqueur are the usual flavours for fruit cakes.

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How do you moisten dry fruit cake?

All you need to do is brush a little milk or cold water over the cake. Then, place in a preheated, medium heat oven (around 350F/175C) leave for around for up to 20 minutes or until it crisps.

How long does fruitcake last with alcohol?

As a USDA Guide describes, “The luxurious fruitcake, studded with dried fruits and steeped in rum or brandy, is a present-day descendant. The liquor retards mold, and there are cases of well-tinned and brandied cakes lasting 20 years!”

How can I make a birthday cake without icing?

Best Ways to Decorate Cake Without Icing

  1. Ready to Roll Fondant. Ready to roll fondant can be purchased in most supermarkets in the cake decorating section.
  2. Fruits.
  3. Chocolate Caramel Sauce.
  4. Sprinkles.
  5. Edible Flowers.
  6. Nuts.
  7. Powdered Sugar.
  8. Candies.

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