Why Netherlands Wear Orange?

The Dutch Royal Family is known as the House of Orange-Nassau, and the color orange is a reference to the name of their family. William of Orange, who is their ancestor, is considered to be the founding father of the Netherlands. The color orange represents national togetherness, and the Dutch people show their pride in their homeland by donning orange.

Why do the Netherlands wear orange jerseys?

Because the color orange in the Netherlands has come to represent the country’s sense of national pride, the jerseys worn by the Dutch national team are typically orange. Queen’s Day, also known as Koninginnedag, is observed on April 30 of each year in the Netherlands. This national holiday honors the birth of the nation’s previous monarch and is known as Beatrix.

When does the Netherlands turn orange?

  • People in the Netherlands will fly the tricolor flag with an orange pennant flown above it whenever there is a birthday celebration for a member of the royal family.
  • On King’s Day, which is celebrated on April 27th, there is another special occasion when the Netherlands very literally become orange.
  • You may hear people singing ″Orange on top, Orange on top″ throughout all of the streets.
  • ″May the King live forever!″

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