Which Part Of Banana Plant Is Not Used As Food?

Answer: (B) Root The only portion of the banana plant that is not utilized for human nutrition is the taproot. Roots are often thrown away.

What part of banana is used as food?

First and foremost, a banana comes from a plant and not a tree. The most common edible component of the banana plant is its fruit, which is, of course, the banana. Bananas are utilized both in their unripened and mature states. The next component is its blossom, which has a violet hue to it.

Is the root of banana plant edible?

In point of fact, it cannot be consumed.Additionally, the roots are essential because they are located on a corm, also known as a rhizome, which is responsible for the reproduction of new banana plants.Even though it appears to be the size of a small tree, the banana plant has a flexible stem.The root, the leaf, and the outer peel of the stem are the components that are not consumed by humans.

What are the three parts of banana plant?

Root, stem outer peelings, and leaf are the three components that make up this. However, the most common application of leaves in the culinary world is as a serving utensil for meals. The edible portion of the inside stem of the banana plant also contains a significant amount of fiber.

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