Who Is Eligible For Apple Student Discount?

If you are 16 or older and enrolled in a secondary or higher education program at an educational establishment such as a college or university, you are eligible for a student discount from Apple.To confirm that you are a student, all Apple needs to see is your student ID.If you haven’t begun your class yet and don’t have an ID, you can instead offer a letter confirming your acceptance into the program as confirmation of your enrollment.

Which Macs are eligible for the Apple student discount?

The Apple Student Discount applies to any and all Macs, MacBooks, and iPads purchased through Apple.This translates to the fact that you can get a MacBook or a MacBook Air for a price that is lower than the one it was originally sold at, and the same is true for both the iPad Pro and the iPad Air.If students want something with a more sizable display, they also have the option of purchasing the iMac, the Pro Display XDR, or one of the other Mac models.

Who is eligible for a student discount?

Students at advanced or higher levels of schooling To be eligible for a student discount, the only requirements are that you must be at least 16 years old, enrolled in an institution of higher or further education such as a university or college, and have a student ID to verify your enrollment. How easy is that?

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Who is eligible for the Apple Education Program?

Accessible to college students who are already enrolled or who have just been accepted, as well as the parents of those students, as well as instructors, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels* All Mac models’ educational price is displayed here.You might also get an Apple Gift Card that can be used whenever you like.You can obtain credit toward the purchase of a new Mac if you trade in a qualified computer.

  • All iPad models have their educational cost shown.

How do you get Apple’s education discount?

How can you get the education pricing for Apple products?The best news is that obtaining a discount from Apple for educational purposes is actually fairly straightforward.You simply need to navigate to the appropriate section on Apple’s website.

  • Visit the website of Apple’s Education Store to get started with your purchasing.
  • Pick out the items that you are interested in purchasing, then proceed to the check out and purchase them.

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