What Is Orange Zone?

Orange Zone: Regions that have only reported a small number of positive cases in the past and have not seen a significant increase in the number of positive cases recently. Green Zone: Regions in which there have been either zero confirmed cases up to this point or no confirmed cases in the preceding 21 days.

What is the difference between orange zone and Green Zone in India?

Orange Zone: PTI said that in orange zones, where only a small number of instances have been detected in the past, only the barest minimum of operations, such as the opening of restricted public transit and the harvesting of farm goods, will be permitted. The Green Zone will have an even greater sense of ease.

What is the’orange zone’?

The city council of Delhi has labeled some locations as a ″Orange Zone″ if they include one or two positive cases. The term ″Orange Zone″ has been used to around 16 districts in Maharashtra, each of which has seen up to 15 incidents thus far.

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