What Is The Price Of Apple Macbook?

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The Complete Price List for Apple Laptops | May 2022

Latest Apple Laptops Apple Laptops Price
Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021 Rs. 1,94,900
Apple MacBook Air (M1, 2020) Rs. 83,990
Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch 2020 Rs. 1,07,990
Apple MacBook Air 2020 Rs. 92,990

How much is my MacBook Pro worth?

Depending on the state the computer is in and the specific model, the value of your MacBook Pro might range anywhere from almost nothing to several thousand dollars.The trade-in program that Apple offers is a convenient method to determine how much your MacBook Pro is worth; nevertheless, if you want to obtain the most money for your used Mac, your best bet is to try to sell it to a third party privately.

How much does a 16-inch MacBook cost?

The MacBook Pro is the company’s flagship series of portable computing devices, and it may now be purchased with a display of either 13 inches, 14 inches, or 16 inches. The price of the laptop will be most directly affected by this selection, with 16-inch possibilities often beginning at and beyond the $2,500 price mark, and 13-inch options coming in below that.

How much is a 256GB MacBook Air worth?

If you feel that 128 GB of storage is insufficient for your needs, the 256 GB model of the MacBook Air is frequently discounted and typically falls to a price of $1,099, which is the lowest price it has ever been.In our evaluation of the Apple MacBook Air 2019, we found that the Core i5-8210Y dual-core processor gives just enough power to go through the chores you need to complete on a daily basis.

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Is it worth it to buy an old MacBook?

This implies that you might easily spend $1,000 on a MacBook that was manufactured before 2017, and in doing so, you will lose out on the most recent CPUs, RAM speeds, hardware features, and SSD storage capacities of the newer models that sit at similar pricing.That being said, if you come across a very attractive offer on an earlier model of MacBook, it can be well worth your time to investigate more.

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